Theme Park Maniacs 2014 Park Visit Count

13 different parks, 100 total visits. Here's the rundown: Great Adventure; 60, Dorney Park; 8, Kings Dominion; 7, Cedar Point; 6, SF New England; 5, Carowinds; 3, Canada's Wonderland; 3, Hershey Park; 2, Busch Gardens; 2, SF America; 1, Coney Island; 1, Wildwood; 1, Kings Island; 1. We had an amazing year at the parks and we are ready to do it all over again next year!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #55
By: Kevin Gregg
October 19, 2014

After Friday's bullshit mess at Six Flags Great Adventure, will today be any better? Today, there is Early Ride Time for Zumanjaro and you can tell how much of a shit I cared because I came to the park today after 11am. The ERT started at 10:30am and I was informed by Danny Binetti that they didn't even open the gates until 10:30am and by the time he got to Zumanjaro, it was 10:45am. How can you allow for 30 minutes of ERT but only allow for 0 extra minutes to get to said attraction? Six Flags at it's finest.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: Visit #8
By: Kevin Gregg
October 18, 2014

After a Six Flags Suck Adventure, it's time for our 8th and final visit to Dorney Park this season! Today, we are joined by Danny, Ryan, Brendan and Robert! There are 7 of us and this is sure to be a fun day at Dorney Park as the Theme Park Maniacs run wild!

Team Fat Guy has to eat...

Since we get the All Day Dining Plan here at Dorney, we always take advantage of that by getting our first meal at the Pizza Place near the front of the park. Today's services really sucked. They were very slow moving and the guy behind the counter couldn't figure out how to activate the All Day Dining Wristband. I would say that we spent at least 30 minutes getting our wristbands and food.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #54
By: Kevin Gregg
October 17, 2014

Visit #54 and counting! I don't know if this is something to be proud of or not. I know it's not a record of any sorts because there are people who have been to Six Flags Great Adventure much more than I have, but let's get this day rolling.

Early Arrival!

We got to the front gate at 4:17pm and when I say front gate, I mean the exterior gate on the outside of the park! There was quite a few cars lined up that couldn't wait to get into the park at 5:30pm. I was shocked at how many cars there were. I'd say there was about 30 cars or so and I was informed that I should stay all the way to the left. I usually do that going in, but Danny Binetti said go to the left, now. So I did and he was right. We wound up being the fourth car into the actual parking lot, but then probably the 100th person at the security gate. I guess we're just that damn slow.

Busch Gardens: Visit #2
By: Kevin Gregg
October 12, 2014

This is our second visit to Busch Gardens this year and our third visit all together. Mommy is with us again and this is her first time ever to this park. This is the one park that she is most looking forward to because she has heard of the beauty of the park! This is also Megan's first time to Busch Gardens and while she may not like it as much as the other theme parks she has been to all summer, she's in for a treat here at Busch Gardens!

Griffon; first ride of the day!

Coming into the park, I knew that we had to get to the Griffon first because later on, the line for this is going to be out of control. Because of the iffy weather, the park may not be crowded today but I'm not taking any chances. We were actually able to get three rides on the Griffon this morning and because Megan has never been on this ride, we took a ride on each row.

Kings Dominion: Visit #7
By: Kevin Gregg
October 11, 2014

What's going on with the bad weather on Theme Park Days?! I mean the weather isn't terrible, but it isn't that great either. Oh well, that's not going to stop us because we are Theme Park Maniacs and we'll just keep trekking along...


So today and tomorrow, we have added an extra Theme Park Maniac for the day and that is my mother. My mother hasn't been to a park in many, many years and it's even been years since she has been to Wildwood, New Jersey. (We took yearly trips there growing up...) So let's see how she handles this theme park. She actually said that she hasn't been to one since I was a year old and that was Six Flags Great Adventure back in 1979!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #53
By: Kevin Gregg
October 5, 2014

It's October and it's Cancer Awareness month and Six Flags Great Adventure and Susan G. Komen teamed up for a Race for the Cure event this morning. As we pulled up to the gates, there were a ton of people outside walking and wearing the Susan G. Komen pink shirts for the cancer awareness. I wish I would have known about this because I would have taken part in this. Too bad Six Flags never likes to email me about anything...

Susan G. Komen & WWE...

If you're a WWE fan, you know that Susan G. Komen has been tagging up with World Wrestling Entertainment for the past few years to raise funds to cure cancer. They sell WWE T-Shirts with all pink on them for cancer awareness and the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen fund.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: Visit #7
By: Kevin Gregg
October 4, 2014

Today sure does not look like a good day at all to go to any theme park at all. It's chilly and it's raining pretty heavy out there but since when do we let something like that stop us? We've gone to Dorney Park plenty of times this year in the rain and still manage to have fun. Let's see how this day goes. Danny said that the rain should move out of Pennsylvania by 1pm.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #52
By: Kevin Gregg
October 3, 2014

As the Theme Park season winds down, we are here at Six Flags Great Adventure for visit #52 of the season! As we waited to be let into the park, we were joined by Danny Bineti, Rob Zahner and his daughter Katie! Our non riding Derpy friend Danny was already with us, so it's going to be 6 of us to start the night!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #51
By: Kevin Gregg
September 28, 2014

Our visit to Six Flags Great Adventure today was a bit of a different one. There isn't going to be much to blog about, it's going to be more of a picture and video type of deal because we had joined Great Adventure Online & Coaster Crew for ONLINE DAY at Six Flags Great Adventure. What that meant is that we got Exclusive Ride Time on Nitro ONE HOUR before the park opened to the public, behind the scene tours of the roller coasters, early entry for some of the shows and events, a Zumajaro take over later on, an EXCLUSIVE Safari Truck for our group and more!

Six Flags New England: Visit #4
By: Kevin Gregg
September 27, 2014

It's Saturday and I was planning to make a weekend of Six Flags New England but Danny Binetti convinced me to try this in a day trip. We left at 6:30 in the morning and by 10am, we were in the vicinity of Six Flags New England. Since the park wasn't going to open until noon, we had some time to burn so we headed over to a Wendy's and had an early lunch before heading to the park.

This past weekend, we spent the day at Six Flags New England on Saturday and Sunday we headed to Six Flags Great Adventure for Great Adventure Online & Coaster Crew Online Day with tours of Batman the Ride, Nitro, the old Batman & Robin Chiller building along with a surprise tour underneath the Houdini ride! Blogs and videos from both days will be coming in the next couple of days, stay tuned and thank you for visiting Theme Park Maniacs.

On Saturday, September 27th we met a few followers of Theme Park Maniacs and I just wanted to make a mention here on the front page about it and once again wish Missy Gordon a very Happy Birthday! We had a photo taken with her and she had posted it to our Facebook page...

"It was so awesome meeting you guys yesterday! Definitely made my birthday complete. Hope you guys had a great time." - Missy Gordon

From us to you, it was an honor meeting you and we are glad that we could make your birthday complete! Anytime we are recognized in the parks and if you guys want a picture with us, just ask. It's no problem at all. We're just out there having as much fun as we possibly can and we love seeing other people share the same passion.

Again, blogs and videos are coming over the next couple of days along with a bunch of photos from our tours at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #50
By: Kevin Gregg
September 21, 2014

As we approached the park, I had said that I think the park opens up at 11am today. A woman was walking near us and said that the park opened up at 10:30, she checked the website. I popped out my phone and checked the website and the site says that the park opens up at 11am now. We are in Fright Fest hours now. After next weekend, the park will be opened up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Friday nights, the park will open up at 5:30pm and remain open until midnight. On Saturdays, the park will open up from 11am to midnight and Sundays, 11am to 11pm! Those hours look extended to me as I don't recall the park being open until midnight last year, but I could be wrong. I think the park may have been opened until 11pm last year during Fright Fest.

Hershey Park: Visit #2
By: Kevin Gregg
September 20, 2014

 Click here for photos from 9/20/14!

Fahrenheit; We've been told and have seen this from experience; do this ride first. It isn't the best ride in the park but it is one of the rides that everyone flocks to. While it is a very popular Intamin roller coaster, it's just an OK ride in my opinion. This ride tries to be Maverick from Cedar Point but doesn't quite make it there. Our experience on this ride today was that it was a fun ride but a little bit bumpy. Perhaps it's time to increase the maintenance on this one! Because this was the first ride we went on, we walked right in and got right on with no problem.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #44
By: Kevin Gregg
August 8, 2014

Six Flags visit #44 of the season is in the books! The parking lot looks pretty crowded, uh oh. What is this? Oh, it's Bring a Friend Free Friday! As we were walking up to the park, we found a stroller and decided to put Megan in it and walk through the front gate with it. We also got our gate photos with Megan in the stroller.

Theme Park Maniacs Reaches 1,000 Subscribers!
By: Kevin Gregg
August 7, 2014

Just wanted to take this time to thank all of the visitors and viewers of Theme Park Maniacs. Last night, our YouTube Channel reached 1,000 subscribers. If you guys have any suggestions, advice or recommendations for our YouTube Channel and/or our website, please send them to weirdkevin@themeparkmaniacs. Thanks for sticking with the stupidity as we continue to grow! Sometimes people don't know when they can or cannot take us seriously due to the crazy nature of what we do but rest assured, we will never mislead you as far as a ride accident goes. Yes, we do joke around but when something serious happens, we take it seriously but try to add some humor into our product, because that is what we do.

This weekend, we will be returning to the parks as we hit up Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday evening, back to Dorney Park all day Saturday and we make our return to Six Flags Great Adventure this Sunday as well! Rain or shine, we will be there. This Sunday, we will MATCH our visits at Six Flags Great Adventure from last season. Our total visits to Great Adventure last season ended at #45. This year, we are going to defeat that as we will be at #45 THIS SUNDAY! I would like to get a MUCH HIGHER number than we already are, but we are going to be venturing out to many different theme parks throughout the month!

Already lined up and confirmed is Kings Dominion on August 15th, 16th & 17th! That will be visits 4-6 for Kings Dominion. As you can tell, we absolutely love Kings Dominion. Also coming in August with unconfirmed dates are Six Flags in Maryland, Six Flags New England in Massachusetts & Canada's Wonderland! We would also LOVE to hit Cedar Point again sometime during our two week vacation but haven't figured out the details on when we can go. I know people are going to suggest for us to hit Six Flags Maryland on the way back from Kings Dominion and while that would make the most sense, we are going to our very first Linkin Park concert on August 18th at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel! Can't wait. Just wanted to reach out to everyone and talk about what's going on and THANK YOU for your support even though we are 'MANIACS...

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